Responsive Design: The answer to our mobile design problems

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Out with mobile sites, in with Responsive Design Look, we all know that all the cool kids are accessing websites on their phones and tablets. We all know that the number of cool people doing this is always rising and that eventually everyone will be doing it. So right about the time the iPhone was ...

Skynova “Authenticity: Is It Real or Is It Marketing?”

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This is a quick case study that we did for the Dance/NYC winter symposium. I like the format a lot; get some smart people in a room and hash out a case study with no rehearsal. I do wish there had been more time, but I think that’s kind of the point of a web ...

eBook for National Arts Marketing Project

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The National Arts Marketing Project asked me to write some advice to arts marketers on how to know when you’re crossing into professional territory. That article is now out in their latest ebook Banish Online Video Marketing Blunders For Good! It’s a short, fun book and full of good ideas, so you should probably check it out. ...

Piwik: The open source alternative to Google Analytics

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If you work at all with digital marketing then you’re probably familiar measuring your campaign’s results in Google Analytics, Google’s free traffic analysis package. What you might not be familiar with is Piwik, the open source alternative. Considering how great Google Analytics is, why would you even consider another product?

It’s time

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My god, it’s 2012 and blogging is so passé. Especially for trend-makers in technology, right? But I think it’s finally time for me to share those occasionally important thoughts that are more than 160 characters. I wanted to name this blog “Important Things with Caleb” but Demetri Martin would sue me. I should point out ...